The goal of  conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to find out where and why you lose customers on your website and how to make them stay. CRO increases not only online sales, but also the profitability of any further action in digital marketing: as visitor value increases, you can afford to invest even more in advertising, SEO or even product assortment.

We suggest not to wait for your competitors to take advantage of CRO. If a website has never been optimized for conversions before, even the first few changes can increase customer percentage by a factor of 2-10. If you have not optimized your website yet, you are just a few steps away from higher sales!

  • Higher conversion rate. If your conversion rate is lower than 2-3%, there are plenty of opportunities to increase sales.
  • Higher ROI. Conversion optimization fixes only spots that effect sales, whereas if decided to rebuild a website from scratch, you would have to change everything. Therefore, return on investment of CRO is a lot higher than rebuilding website or doing changes based on intuition instead of testing.
  • Experience. Your website will be optimized by specialists who apply extensive training knowledge and widely accepted best practice of UX and CRO.

CRO consists of the following two parts:

CRO research

  1. Determining website elements that should be fixed.
  2. Raising hypotheses based on reserach data.
  3. A/B testing.

CRO testing:

  1. Preparing website for testing.
  2. Ensuring reliability of test results.
  3. Testing and result analysis.

Depending on your business needs, we can offer several types of CRO process:

  • Single CRO consultation. This is a low-risk and inexpensive service that involves website analysis and offering recommendations based on commonly used CRO practices. You will be able to apply advice and make changes without testing. Pricing is calculated according to specialists' hourly rates.
  • CRO service bundle involves comprehensive website analysis and regular tests. Minimal service duration is 3 months, after which we can guarantee conversion rate growth by 20-30% and similar further monthly growth.  Long-term cooperation often brings significantly better CRO results. Bundle price is calculated according to specialists' hourly rates.

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