Online reklama

Although the range of available online marketing services is as wide as ever, only a few of them are actually effective – or would be effective in your business. Often around 50% of advertising budget is wasted on tools that give little to no value. The reason is usually lack of knowledge, time and attention to detail.

Not only can we suggest the most effective advertising service, but we can apply it, too. Are you ready to bring in more new customers?

Our main goal is to increase your business profitability. We ensure that you will reach:

  • higher target audience share
  • lower ad cost-per-click
  • higher ROI for every Euro invested in digital advertising

Depending on your business type, goals and budget, we use:

  • advertising in Google Search Network and Google Display Network
  • advertising in Yandex network
  • advertising on YouTube
  • advertising in Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • remarketing in Google and Facebook
  • other online advertising tools

Online advertising is an ongoing process, therefore:

  • we ensure quick reaction to changes in your business environment. You will be able to contact your project manager at any time
  • we will keep you on track with new ways to increase sales. Our specialists regularly expand their knowledge in marketing courses and everyday activities
  • we will share with you our experience and insights
  1. Business situation evaluation.
  2. Setting goals and result measurement metrics.
  3. Selecting proven advertising tools.
  4. Developing action plan and advertising strategy..

If our offer seems valid to you, the following steps are:

  1. Signing service contract.
  2. Configuring result metrics.
  3. Ad campaign creation and lauch.
  4. Metrics analysis.
  5. Campaign optimization.
  6. Periodic reports.

Advertising service pricing consists of:

  1. Ad fee, transferred to advertising channel (Google, Facebook etc.) for published ads. This fee depends on ad quality, website configuration and competitive environment.
  2. Campaign maintenance fee, transferred to the agency. This fee covers advertising plan development, campaign creation and maintenance, report preparation and consulting. As ad quality increases, ad fee decreases enough for saved costs to more than cover campaign maintenance fee.

Often companies find it difficult to determine if agency fee is appropriate. Working with us, you will never have to think about that because the pricing of all our services is calculated according to working hours needed to improve results. You will always know:

  • What results could be expeted?
  • How much time will it take to achieve them?
  • Will the results cover the costs?

Have a question? Ready to place an order? Contact us:

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