SEO paslaugos

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows potential customers to find your website in search engine results and reduces advertising costs in Google network.

Before investing in SEO, it is important to realize that:

  • the ultimate SEO goal is to increase sales, not visitor flow
  • higher visitor flow is is not an indicator of more sales
  • SEO is a never-ending process that requires investments on a regular basis
  • SEO results can be improved, but not guaranteed
  • More potential customers on your website
  • More sales from organic traffic
  • Optimization based on SEO best practice
  • Lower Google paid advertising costs
  • Reports on visitor traffic changes and their impact on sales
  1. Business enviroment analysis.
  2. Collecting data for optimization from Google Analytics account.
  3. Setting goals and configuring result measurement tools.
  4. Signing service contract.
  5. Full or partial website audit.
  6. Services provided on an agreed-upon schedule together with reports.

SEO service pricing is based on hourly rates of specialists. Work scope is largely dependent on custom business needs.

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