Web paslaugos

We create websites that in every step motivate visitors to take actions that are valuable for your business. A profitable website first of all has to create value for users, whereas content management systems or design are auxiliary tools for that.

Website creation service includes:

  • digital marketing consulting
  • documentation and installation of key business metric measurement tools  (Google Analytics, Google Search Console)
  • creation of website (design, content, programming)
  • internal SEO for higher visibility in search engine results
  1. Business environment and user need analysis, determining work schedule and prices.
  2. Signing service contract.
  3. Creating website information architecture (IA)
  4. Developing website prototype.
  5. Copywriting.
  6. Creating design.
  7. Programming.
  8. Installing content management system (CMS).
  9. Testing.
  10. Internal SEO.
  11. Website launch and support.

Website creation price is based on hourly rates of specialists. Work scope can vary significantly, depending on design complexity, content, and additional features.

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