11 Tips for Business How to Make Most of Quarantine

  1. Do not panic. If it is rough for you, it is also rough for your competitors.
  1. Unusually timed vacation. Use this time as a vacation. Do what you haven’t had the chance or time to do before, but you do now.
  1. Re-evaluate your business. Think about how or which parts of the business you could transfer into the Online world. 
  1. Get ready for the return.  The quarantine will end and everything will get back on track. You may return to the same, worse or a better business situation. Use this time for preparation, think-through your business model, service delivery framework. Think about how you could get back to a better situation after the quarantine.
  1. Remember that this is temporary. Demand for products and services (eg. beauty or car services) has not disappeared. Consumption has declined for a certain period, but the demand will not disappear. After the quarantine, you will have to do as much work as you would have done without it. 
  1. The world did not stop turning. Change for the better. Some services or goods disappear over time, become redundant, but new ones replace them. If your business had struggled before the quarantine, it is likely that it will afterward as well. Perhaps it is worth trying out another business field or switching jobs. Consider switching professional field or how you could transform your goods, services into more successful ones.
  1. Sell in advance. Offer to buy the services with a discount, and a possibility to use them in the future.
  1. Increase the profitability of goods and services. Think about how you could balance or reduce the prime cost of your goods and services. Have in mind, that if you are considering a new, additional or different service, your price may increase.
  1. Save by negotiating. Use the possibility to negotiate with your suppliers and order the needed goods for a lower price, as a stockpile.
  1. Get ready for future sales. Take time to manage your client database, your social networks, website, or Google My Business. Prepare promotional content, which will be used after the quarantine period.
  1. Learn something new. Take time for self-education, for learning. For instance: How to Create Unique Value Proposition (UVP)/ Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This article will give you ideas and help you understand why your customers buy from you, why others should buy from you and why clients pay or are willing to pay your price.

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