Case Studies

35% Higher Organic Traffic

  • 35% higher organic traffic
  • 24% lower bounce rate

With 25 keywords that our website was optimised for, we now rank in top five positions.

Justė Gavienė
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7x Higher ROI Within 3 Months

  • 61% lower cost per click (CPC)
  • 51% lower bounce rate

You achieved what other agencies couldn't.

Silvija Mažionytė
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4x Higher AdWords ROI Within 3 Months

  • 33% higher advertising income
  • 19% more sales

The best tools only work if they are applied with skill.

Mindaugas Skersys
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3x More Orders Within 1 Year

  • Every €1 invested in advertising earned €204
  • 16% of visitors filled in request form

If you do not measure advertising results, you will have a hard time increasing them.

Edgaras Afarjanc
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Campaign Automation With Sales2Go Boosted Flight Ticket Sales by 40%

  • Sales increased by 40%
  • ROI increased from €12 to €16 for every €1 invested

Together with RAIBEC we continually test digital marketing innovations. Some of the results are extraordinary.

Sigitas Fabijonavičius
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Effective Online Advertising Increased Turnover by 65%

  • 30% more sales
  • 80% higher ROI

Everyone of us should do what we do best.

Kristina Lapinskaitė
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