Avitela: 7x Higher Advertising ROI Within 3 Months

Before starting to work with us, electronics and home appliance retail chain Avitela had tried several digital marketing agencies to no avail:  the goals would not be reached, and advertising costs would often be higher than income generated. The company had also tried in-house marketing, but the strategy did not pay off. We sparked client‘s interested after we offered to triple advertising efficiency.

Avitela had a limited advertising budget. As the main adversiting goal they specified advertising profitability. We saw that for the client to see any positive changes here, Google Adwords return on inverstment (ROI) had to be increased 4 times.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Our promise to significantly raise advertising efficiency meant there was no room for trying out new things. Instead, we relied on proven methods to optimize advertising budget and to reach potential customers.

We noticed that Avitela used broad keyword matching in their Google AdWords campaigns. This advertising strategy brought a lot of visitors into Avitela e-shop, but only a small part of them were potential customers. For example, a user could look for “computer” in search results for many reasons other than to buy a new device (computer repair services, topics on computers etc.).

Therefore, first of all we reconfigured the client’s advertising campaign by setting keyword match from broad to narrow. Additionally, we inserted keywords based on specific brands, models and other details. This way we ensured that corresponding ads would only be clicked on by users looking for a specific product and morely to buy it. Furthermore, we employed Dynamic Search Ads that were automatically created and shown in results for relevant search terms.

Needless to say, not all Avitela e-shop visitors, who clicked on ads with specific products, became customers right away. As a means to bring them back, we used remarketing. This tool let us reconnect with people who had previously shown interest in a particular product by showing them relevant ads across different sites and devices.

We also suggested the client to initiate more special offers in the website, emphasizing weekend discounts. Every week we used to prepare advertising reports that helped us analyze changes and optimize tactics.

The Results Exceeded Expectations

Even though initially we aimed to increase Google AdWords ROI by a factor of 3, within three months it increased 7 times. In turn we received the client’s trust and extended service contract. We were very pleased that advertising budget optimization and customer behavior analysis paid off.

“It is difficult to evaluate advertising results and determine if they are good, adequate or poor. What ROI do other e-shops get? We have tried several agencies before, but we needed better results,” says Avitela marketing manager Silvija Mažionytė. “We set four times bigger [Google AdWords] goals for you, and you managed to achieve what other agencies couldn’t.”