1.5x Increased Ecommerce Sales by Updating the Marketing Strategy

Clothing business has its own specifics. You have to consider seasonality, fashion trends, different clothing brand messages, thematic offers. Besides other factors, supply and demand in the clothing business depend on changes in users’ daily routines. That is why it is important to find the most valuable and time-saving solution for customers. Having this in mind, the collaboration, which started with one brand communication on social media, outgrown into a larger project with AB Lėvuo increasing online sales.

About AB Lėvuo:

  • One of the largest retail companies in Lithuania
  • Founded in 1992, AB Lėvuo operates 35 stores in Lithuania and an e-commerce website (www.lemodus.lt)


  • Develop online commerce
  • Grow the percentage of buying visitors
  • Increase the return on advertising investment


  • Google Analytics data analysis, harmonized result measuring system
  • Google Smart Bidding
  • Smart Creatives
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads


  • 27% more buying visitors
  • 39% more online purchases
  • 1,5x increased online sales
  • 54% growing return on advertising investment
  • 28% higher ROAS (effectiveness of advertising campaigns)

A reorganized Google Analytics, data measurement system, and data analysis enabled us to make decisions about ways to increase ad reach. Marketing investments were reviewed, having in mind the business specifics, ad campaigns, their effectiveness, and clients’ goals. 

“I am glad we started working together. Clear goals, advertising solutions, insights, constant monitoring of the general situation, flexibility, and quick response. These qualities are your strengths. It is easy to work together.” – Ingrida Aleknavičienė, CEO of AB Lėvuo www.lemodus.lt

Extra focus on other advertising channels grew organic website traffic. Customer interest, the number of buying visitors, and brand search rose. Social media marketing campaigns also influenced the interest of visitors.

We renewed the marketing campaigns following the latest Google recommendations. Marketing channels were supplemented with Google Ads automated decisions (Smart Bidding, Smart Creatives). This allowed reaching clients, interested in specific brands or items. To raise awareness and for remarketing we chose video ads.

The work covered 10 brands of www.lemodus.lt range. The seasonality of the clothing business led to using several channels (search engine, banners) for publicity of promotional offers. This allowed us to reach the customers, who were still waiting for lower prices or had specific shopping criteria.

Evaluating the results, similar periods of the previous year were compared. The variety and range of offers were taken into account comparing January 2020 and January 2019. Implemented solutions and a 20% increase in annual advertising investments, resulted in a 27% higher number of buying customers. The number of online purchases grew by 39%, the return of advertising investment grew by 54%. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns scaled up by 28%. Online sales ascended 1,5 times.