How an Understanding of Consumer Behavioral Motives Increased Leads by 3.5 Times

Selling or buying real estate is an extraordinary and uncommon event to a frequent resident. Rivalry in this business is fierce, sales prices are fluctuating and the  real property market moves in cycles. Having considered the facts, MB Property Solutions decided to take a different look at the actions of its clients.

About MB Property Solutions

  • Property Solutions ( – realty  company that can buy a client’s real estate  within 24 hours at a real market price
  • Gives you the opportunity to sell or change your real estate  quickly and without stress


  • More complete understanding of customer needs and behavior
  • Increase the number of sales  leads at
  • Increase advertising investment payoff


  • Data and consumer behavior analysis
  • exceptionality enhancement
  • Ads wording and content modification


  • 3.5 times more sales leads
  • 60% lower query cost
  • 2x unique users

A client’s decision to use the service offered by the company is not impulsive. The highly competitive market was in stagnation, so it was crucial to provide the potential customer with time and energy-efficient solution. The company aspires real estate sellers to be hassle-free by the selling prices, preparation for sale or ad placement.

With the company offering a unique service and the market slowing down, a valiant goal to increase the number of sales leads at was set.

“While various marketing strategies used raised brand awareness and and consumer interest in the service has steadily increased, we wanted a faster growth.” – V. Šukys, CEO of Property Solutions.

We had to understand the reasons for the consequence and find better marketing solutions. 

“To make the right decisions, we need to understand the motives behind consumer behavior.” – Remigijus Kuliešius, CEO of RAIBEC. 

This stage costed patience but helped the company to operate effectively. Data analysis enabled to move towards targeted marketing management. Using Google Analytics and understanding user expectations, we created ad formulations, modified the content to emphasize essential features. The actions resulted in sales leads growth more than triple with 60% lower cost.

Implemented solutions resulted in 3.5 times more leads, 60% lower cost per lead and 2 times more unique users. Comparing January 2020 and  January 2019, it would be 7 times more leads, 79% lower cost per lead.

“It’s hard to believe that in a stagnant market, sales can be increased by times, not by a percentage. As if we caught the Golden Fish.”– Vaidas Šukys, CEO of Property Solutions.