Pigiausiosdalys.lt: 2,5x More Production Orders Within 1 Year

When Šiaulių autodota JSC lauched Pigiausiosdalys.lt e-shop for spare car parts, they focused on building brand awareness through Google AdWords. Website traffic kept growing nicely, and then another problem became apparent: sales did not increase nearly as fast as brand visibility.

Looking for more effective solutions, Pigiausiosdalys.lt representatives contacted us. The client had clearly determined goals:

  • To find out the best-performing keywords and ads,
  • To fine-tune Google AdWords account structure,
  • To configure Google AdWords account so that it would take as little time to manage as possible

In addition to that, we set profitability goals:

  • To convert 20% of Pigiausiosdalys.lt visitor traffic into leads
  • To convert at least 1% of visitors into customers

First, we fixed inconsistencies in the client’s Google AdWords account by deleting overlapping campaign parts and setting best-performing landing pages. Within the first several weeks, ad performance started to grow, whereas account management took significantly less time. The results were clearly visible in the reports we sent the client.

Separate Campaigns – Common Goal

As business needs both sales and visibility, we created separate Google AdWords campaigns for each goal. It allowed us to create separate advertising budgets and to optimize cost-per-click bids.

We split the main Search Network campaign into two ad groups: one with exact keyword matching and another one with broad matching. In the first ad group, ads were only shown when a user searched for the exact same keyword that we set in the campaign. In the second group, ads were additionally shown on searches that contained the modified term or close variations.

We knew that exact keyword matching usually attracts less visitors yet more customers. Our client’s case was not an exception: as much as 16% of visitors who clicked on ads with exact phrase, later sent an enquiry, and 1,5% placed a car part order.

Dynamic Search Ads – Most Profitable

We also knew that it is much easier to sell to people who already showed their interest in a particular product. To do this, we enabled remarketing in Google Search Network that allowed us to show relevant ads for Pigiausiosdalys.lt visitors who did not buy anything but kept searching for car parts on the internet. 17% of visitors, who clicked on remarketing ads, sent an enquiry, and 1,8% became customers.

Finally, we enabled Dynamic Search Ads that were automatically shown on searches with Pigiausiosdalys.lt e-shop content. This way we reached potential customers looking for highly specific car parts. The return on investment for this tool was the highest, with 1 euro generating 211 euros of income.

“We are pleased to not only see the project visibility grow, but also to be able to attract more and more visitors who create tangible value for the business. Cooperation with RAIBEC, even on a tinier budget, improved advertising performance. Seasonality plays an important role in our field, therefore we highly appreciate Google Trends reports which reveal changes in the number of searches for target keywords,“ say Šiaulių autodota JSC representatives.