Refining Consumer Priorities Increased Online Sales by 50%

Gintaro baldai visual digital marketing

While choosing furniture we check a lot of factors and look for the best individual option. Like people in life choices, businesses also have different requirements for marketing solutions. They evaluate different aspects and seek for ways to achieve better results. UAB Gintaro baldai sought to increase the efficiency of advertising, the results of online furniture sales. The client aspired to strengthen the brand position in online sales.

About UAB Gintaro baldai:

  • One of the largest suppliers of upholstered and carcass furniture in Lithuania, selling furniture in the Baltics 
  • Founded in 2002


  • To develop online product sales
  • Strengthen the position in online sales setting a stable selling price (CPA)
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns more precisely


  • A developed system for result measurement
  • Updated marketing strategy corresponding refined customer needs
  • Automated advertisement creation (messages, offers, promotions)
  • Reorganizing and optimizing the processes of advertisement campaigns preparation, creation and implementation 


  • 50% increased online sales
  • 60% online sales income growth
  • 43% higher advertisement effectiveness (ROAS)

Customers deliberately decide to update their interior with furniture or details. The competition in this business is fierce. It was important for UAB Gintaro baldai to provide the customer with a valuable offer and use advertising investments effectively. 

“In order to make effective strategic decisions, it is important to understand customer priorities.” – Remigijus Kuliešius, CEO of RAIBEC  

While used marketing strategies have been effective, a mutual goal was a more rapid result growth. To implement this, the system of collecting, evaluating, and interpreting marketing data was reorganized. The methods of data collection in Google Analytics were adjusted. These actions enabled to understand the priorities of the customers and what advertising forms are effective. Having clarified what is important to the customers we have developed and harmonized an advertising strategy. A process for preparation, classification, and presentation of advertisements was set. 

We assessed the likelihood of a successful buy distributing the advertising budget. That was the reason for choosing Google Smart Bid functions. The tool was used to submit the latest offers. This tool updates customer notifications in real-time, based on promotions and offers on the website. In this way, the information on UAB Gintaro baldai website was united with Google Ads. It reached customers interested in furniture or interior details. Using several campaign types on Google’s search engine has raised the performance of digital marketing campaigns (ROAS) by 43%.  

“Understanding customer priorities is a guaranteed, and time-tested way to grow sales.” – Remigijus Kuliešius, CEO of RAIBEC

Implementing the solutions, online sales grew by 50% within 6 months. Company’s online sale income grew by 60%. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns raised by 43%. Setting 2019 and 2020 similar periods to compare, 30% more sales were achieved with a 10% lower budget. The cost of a successful buy decreased by 7%. 

“I feel that I am working with a team of professionals. The response to newly formed tasks is quick. You always delve into the task and if you see what can be done better, you always share your insights.” – Evaldas Narmontas, UAB Gintaro baldai Head of Ecommerce