Same Budget, 65% Higher Turnover

Skytech JSC (, a consumer electronics retailer, in the beginning worked with in-house Google AdWords specialists. We offered the client an ambitious deal: without increasing advertising budget, to increase Google AdWords income enough that it would make sense to hire a digital marketing agency there would still be more income left than before. How did we do this?

Google AdWords Requires Ongoing Supervision

According to chief marketing officer Kristina Lapinskaitė, it was crucial to place an offer for potential customers where and when they are looking for a particular product.

“Users search for products and information primarily on Google network, therefore we did not hesitate to choose Google AdWords as the most suitable tool for e-shop advertising,“ said Kristina.

Having managed ads on their own, contacted us when they could not devote appropriate time for the task anymore.

“RAIBEC helped us set priorities and goals to optimize advertising budget. Our cooperation has led to suprising results,“ told Skytech CMO.

More Accurate Ads – More Sales

First, we agreed with the client on advertisign campaign goals:

  • To attract more customers
  • To promote sales
  • To increase advertising ROI
  • To increase sales

We started from choosing more accurate keywords and splitting ads into ad groups based on product categories. This way we created more accurate ads with higher Quality Score and lower cost-per-click. Consequently, client’s advertising costs decreased by 24%. Campaign analysis using Google Analytics revealed new information that used to further fine-tune keywords and ad groups.

Ads with a specific offer draw more attention and encourage to buy, so we decided to to use Google AdWords to promote special offers. This tactic increased click-through-rate by a factor of 5. This metric is very important because it shows how accurately advertising matches potential customers’ needs.

Customer Percentage Increased by 25%

To have a return on investment and increase income is the goal of any business. Google AdWords, as an advertising platform, allows to measure advertising ROI very accurately. In the case of, ROI increased by 80% and turnover by 65%. The percentage of visitors who became customers increased by as much as one-fourth.

“We have 8 chain stores, therefore we use advertising on both digital and traditional media. Google AdWords helps us to maintain a stable visitor flow into our e-shop. So far, online sales make up the largest percentage of overall sales. Therefore, we can evaluate the impact of Google AdWords on company’s turnover, and it obviously significant. In the future we plan to increase investments in advertising on Google network,“ — said Kristina.