Thoughtful Positioning Increased Profitability of “FreeMotion” by 62%

The new sports club “FreeMotion” has had a difficult task of establishing itself and beginning to work profitably in a competitive market with two big and many small players.  

About MB Protingas sportas

  • “FreeMotion” – a sports club, emphasizing everyday functionality, pain-free movement
  • Opened in 2018


  • Increase “FreeMotion” awareness
  • Increase sales

Business Consulting Solutions

  • Company and market analysis, problem identification
  • Positioning statement purification
  • Exceptionality based recommendations for company communication 


  • 364% increased brand search on „Google” 
  • 62% increased profitability within 6 months
  • 40% higher income

After starting the consultations, the young business was already on a critical limit. The campaigns that have been run have not yielded results. The competitive situation was volatile, with the low-price leader “Gym+” and sports club “Impuls” offering a wide range of services. Without knowing what “FreeMotion” stood out for, it was unclear what was the niche market size, what was the target audience or what services were or should be offered. It was unclear why “FreeMotion” sports club does differently from competitors.  

In this tense situation for the club founders, they had to work on what seemed to be an illogical and irrelevant issue during the crisis. They needed to think carefully about who they are and how to present themselves. Gained experience and the example of “FreeMotion” sports club showed that positioning (Unique Value Proposition) was the most significant factor. Accurate positioning is insurmountable without consulting, support and consistent action.

 “A large part of business people think they know their exceptionality. However, they are either wrong or unable to communicate this to their customers.” Remigijus Kuliešius, CEO of RAIBEC vadovas

Digging deeper into the business situation revealed that the “FreeMotion” team was seeking to change the existing attitude towards physical activity.

The sports clubs’ priority is body functionality. The trainers are certified in Functional Patterns. It is a sports direction, which helps to build and maintain human motion, not only to have fine forms. The club team aims to make it easier for people to move and to cope with daily tasks more easily; get rid of back, joint, and muscle aches and move daily with pleasure. 

Gradually, the positioning statement of the company has been purified: ”FreeMotion” sports club is a revolution in the sports industry where daily movement becomes a pleasure without tension, stress, and pain caused by traumas. This main message of the sports club enabled to understand who was the potential customer of the club and what made this club exclusive. 

Communication, based on exclusivity, was launched: various events in the club explaining how to exercise correctly; demonstrational group activities; offers for companies and their employees who have sedentary work with frequent back pain problems. Interesting and useful content has accumulated on Facebook, Instagram profiles, YouTube channel. Customers understood why this club is what they need. 

With a thought-through customer value (Unique Value Proposition) and well-thought positioning the company’s profitability increased by 62% in 6 months, income increased by 40%, and brand search on “Google” by 364%.

“Your attitude towards the customer- as if it were your own business.” Ernesta Glemžienė, CEO of MB Protingas sportas

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