YouTube video advertising increased the number of buying customers of by 20% screenview

UAB Semerita started operating in 2013. During a difficult COVID-19 crisis period, we offered the client to try out YouTube video advertising to grow  brand awareness, to inform about new brands and promotions.  

About the Company:

  • UAB Semerita ( plumbing and bathroom equipment sales network in Lithuania 


  • the growth of brand awareness
  • To inform the clients about new brands and promotions


  • YouTube
  • Bumper Ads, TrueView for Action Ads
  • Smart Bidding strategies (CPM, Max. Conversions)


  • 12% higher turnover
  • 29% more products sold
  • 20% increased number of buying visitors

New or untested methods often are viewed with skepticism and raise questions about costs. We have suggested video advertising as it stimulates greater emotional response than any other form of advertising. The cost of YouTube advertising is not necessarily high.

The prevailing opinion is that video advertising requires big financial investments. However, this is not always the right opinion. It is important to evaluate the information you want to provide and how you want to provide it. The cost also depends on the video format you choose – whether it will be graphic video, whether it will be a video from the advertising material you already have, or a brand new advertising video clip.  

In order for the customer to evaluate the benefits of YouTube video advertising, the ad campaign was started with safe investments. We have prepared the advertising campaign on YouTube and the company-produced videos were used for video ads. During a two-month period  video advertisements of various brands were shown.

The growth of metrics through all the channels was not rapid, but it clearly showed the impact of YouTube video advertising. The organic traffic of the company’s website grew, the awareness of the brand itself and the advertised brands increased.

Comparing the first quarter of 2020 with the second, the e-commerce turnover grew 12%, 29% more products were sold, and the number of buying website visitors grew by 20%. 

“We are feeling a faster growth acceleration. The implemented 3D KPI system helps to understand the direction of marketing, where, and how we are moving.” –  Rimvydas Meidūnas, CEO of UAB Semerita.