How Did RAIBEC Start?

Remigijus Kuliešius

Remigijus Kuliešius

Every business, striving to increase sales, faces challenges. As a businessman, I am no stranger to such an experience, too. It is especially heartbreaking to see how a limited advertising budget brings none of the results expected. Sometimes, investments into advertising or the search for new clients are higher than profit gained, and the se of advertising raises doubts. On the other hand, we seem to have no choice: for business to grow and prosper, additional sales are essential.

Situations where it is difficult to measure advertising value, were always irritating to me. I still remember year 2004, when a salesman, offering print advertising, tried to persuade me that advertising investments we never going to pay off. He saw advertising as expences necessary for business “to be known”. I could never agree to that. I think that popularity is not the most important thing: we invest in advertising primarily to sell more. Helping businesses advertise in a way that brings measurable results while optimising spending – that’s my personal and business goal.

Today, it is difficult to image our life without internet that not only seems to have all the answers but also helps solved the business dilemma mentioned earlier. A website can be a good “salesman”, while online advertising ensures that this “salesman” will appear in the right place at the right time. Nowadays we look for information primarily online, and we can fine-tune advertising so that it visible only for those who might find our services useful.

On the other hand, Google AdWords is just the beginning. On the internet everything can be measured and optimised. For instance, instead of expensive user research you can observe user behavior in real time. The opportunities provided by digital marketing are limitless and neglecting them is a luxury that business simply cannot afford.

At RAIBEC, we are doing our best to make our clients feel that digital marketing is every businessman’s dream come true. To do that, we need to take advantage of its growing potential. Thus, our mission: with the help of digital marketing, together with our clients, to always be one step ahead. There is great joy in seeing ideas bring success and hearing clients say a sincere “Thanks”.