How to Create Unique Value Proposition (UVP)/ Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

If you ask why their business is better than their competitors, a lot of entrepreneurs will have these answers: a better price, quality, promptness, and professionalism. Imagine that a customer receives the exact same answer from the competitors. Try to step into the customers’ shoes and you will understand that all this does not help the client to make up his mind and choose your product.

So how should you introduce yourself in order for the customer to clearly understand why you are better than your competitors?

Understanding your exceptionality, of ways you are better than others, will help you to understand the target audience, influenced by your advertisement campaigns. It will help you sell more products and use advertising investments more effectively. All this will increase the effectiveness, sales, and profitability of your business.

What is USP/UVP

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – is a statement about who you are as a company- a clear definition of results received by choosing your products or services. Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a strategy. It is the “hook” on which all company’s core values hang, such as the product, service, experience, impression. For Customers facing huge information flow, USP/UVP stands as a short, individual introduction of yourself, which helps to understand why they should choose you. For the Business USP/UVP statement reminds of WHO is the target audience and WHY they should choose you. All marketing should be aligned with this statement.

USP/UVP examples

Creating a USP/UVP introduction should be an initial stage that a business goes through. There is a lot of hassle getting through the initial stages, and the task of creating a USP/UVP introduction might seem confusing, but it is necessary if you want to reach the target audience. It is an opportunity to sell more, and without losing the return of investments, as we all know, there is always room for competition. 

As examples of well-established USP/UVP introduction, let’s take a look at three newsletter creating tools:

Campaign Monitor USP UVP
Image from the website

“Create and § send unforgettable email.” – this introduction tells us that we will have a possibility to create and send visually expressive and perpetually memorable newsletters for customers, who value visual presentation.

Omnisend USP UVP
Image from the website

“Go Further than Just Email Marketing”- one look at this site, and it is clear that this tool is multifunctional, and that you will have a possibility not only to send newsletters but also to perform other actions as well.

Mailchimp USP UVP
Image from the website

“Ready, set, grow. Because our Marketing Platform is easy to use.”- the main message is clear- the platform is easy to use.

USP/UVP introduction is a short, usually- worded message about your strengths, your exclusiveness, telling what your value is, and why they should choose you. In simple terms, creating the Customer Value is something that the customers are ready to pay for.

A sample of good USP/ UVP introduction: ”FreeMotion” sports club is a revolution in the sports industry where daily movement becomes a pleasure without tension, stress, and pain caused by traumas. Well-thought sports club’s introduction resulted in the company’s profitability increasing by 62% in 6 months, income increasing by 40%. You can find the Case Study here. The message clearly states that the sports club stands out from the rest by focusing on the audience, experiencing physical pain, and helping to get rid of it.

Another example of a good introduction: TISSU by E&N design home – the highest quality luxury and coziness in the home interior, created for exceptional personalities. A significant part of business sales comes from bean bags but you would not mix them with Pušku pušku brand products neither by introduction message, by price, or the products. The message clearly communicates to the audience that these products are more expensive but exclusive, and of higher quality, for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

How to create USP/UVP?

Learn how to create your USP/UVP introduction, which will remind you every day of who you are, what is your target audience and what is your exclusivity. You ought to meet your clients with this introduction at your website, social media or other communication channels.

To get started, you need to know and understand well:

–          Who are your customers, competitors?

–          What is your exclusivity?

The process of USP/UVP creation

For ease of reference, we will refer to the earlier mentioned “FreeMotion” sports club case. The process involves answering specific questions and purifying the wording of a single message into a statement.

1 Question: What is the name of your business?


2. Question: What industry do you work in? 


3. Question: How is your product or service helping your clients? (5 or fewer words. They can not repeat with your competitors’ statements)? -Functional training – full-body muscles work, stabilizers, physical movement without tension, stress or pain caused by traumas. 

4. Question: Describe in 2 words- what are the values of your business (it can not be similar to your competitors’ business values)?

-Coach attentiveness, exercise technique training („I know how and why“).

5. Question: How should your customers review you?

-It is the only sports club that truly cares about health, not just body beauty and well-being. 

We put together the shortest possible message from all the answers – an introduction which will reveal who you are and what are your values, what is your value to the client. 

“FreeMotion” Result

“FreeMotion“ sports club is a revolution in the sports industry where daily movement becomes a pleasure without tension, stress, and pain caused by traumas.

Paraphrasing to colloquial language, you can say that here your movement and physical well-being become an enjoyable daily routine without tension, stress, and pain caused by traumas. 

Your exclusivity may need to be proven by evidence that these are not just words. “FreeMotion” sports club has certified Functional Patterns trainers, special functional sports programs for children, adults, post-traumatic, for people who have spine or joint pains.

The statement that presents you must be read, evaluated, and understood within 3-5 s. If you do not find your exclusivity, do not see or justify how you are better than your competitors, you will have to work on that. This usually is a marketing task.

“FreeMotion” Case Study: Thoughtful Positioning Increased Profitability of “FreeMotion” by 62%