The Future of Google AdWords or How to Break Through Average Sales

The majority of online store owners running Google AdWords campaigns, sooner or later, join the “So-So” club: return on investment (ROI), campaign costs and conversions – everything is average. One might wish for better results, but often settles for less after noticing that competitors are doing no better. Why does this happen and is there a way to leave this club?

The Fate of Broad Match Ads

Let’s begin with the expectations of customers that are bound to be unfulfilled. Everyone knows that Google AdWords performs best when detailed ads are created for each product. Such ads fit search keywords better, have lower cost per click and earn more because they attract visitors who already know what they are looking for and thus are more likely to buy.

All is good and well in theory. Actually, however, when we search for a specific product, we often see ads that are vague or simply misleading. Usually, they are created using a type of broad keyword match in Google AdWords.

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Of course, general ads can attract high traffic, but they have two major disadvantages:

  1. They are expensive because they compete with lots of similar ads for limited space in search results.
  2. The majority of people who click on such ads are still looking around and will probably not buy anything. Such a strategy can waste campaign budget quickly.

Still, such Google AdWords campaigns seem to be here to stay. Why do e-shop owners keep running them, accepting losses? Most often, there is simply no other way.

Reality of E-shop Advertising

Imagine an e-shop selling several thousand different items. Usually there is only one marketing manager and one designer working there. Even if they spend all their working hours creating Google ads and banners for each product,  this could easily take weeks or months. After that, since product ranges are constantly changing, somebody will have to manually delete irrelevant ads on time and create new ones.

Campaigns with abstract ads will never create better than average results. The key to high profits from Google AdWords is reaching people looking for a specific product; advertising with little competition; and making the process fast and cheap. This would be a perfect campaign.

The solution here could be automatization. Managing Google AdWords campaigns involves a lot of manual work, so automatization tools help save a lot of time. Several of these are offered by Google themselves, though there are also external platforms that offer similar functions with different interfaces. However, those tools only help to manage campaigns, not create them.

AdWords Automation on Steroids

A breakthrough could be software that can be connected with any Google AdWords campaign to automatically create, update, and delete ads, ad groups, and keywords based on changes in e-shop content. Look again at the vague ads above and now compare them with ads below that were created automatically using the service Sales2Go.


Using such a tool, an e-shop can have unique and highly accurate ads – including price – for all their products within minutes. What is more, if there are any changes in product description (e.g., price), the corresponding ads are updated in real time.

Highly relevant ads can increase CTR, decrease bounce rate and boost sales dramatically. Furthermore, by being able to handle handle large numbers of ads, e-commerce businesses can confidently expand advertising into foreign markets. Undoubtedly, in the future services like this will become more common and the biggest rewards will be claimed by businesses that will be the first to step in.